Executive Protection / Personal Protection Services

We specialize in providing Executive Protection for individuals, politicians, executives, celebrities, diplomats, world leaders, and other public figures. As our culture continues to grow more violent, and with increasing terrorism and risks, it is imperative for individuals and companies to choose qualified professional experts in Executive Protection.

At BPS we believe in "brains before brawn" and that the modern day Executive Protection Specialist bares little or no resemblance to the old fashioned “Bodyguard” of days of the past. Both Government and Corporate clients as well as Royal Families require polite professional agents and advisers. There is no room in the industry or for muscle, violence and poor judgement.

We implement effective security measures and utilize appropriate force in all our operations. Our agents are proactive and deal with situations professionally and discreetly when they arise. We custom tailor our protective services for every client. Many clients threat levels and situations differ which calls for strategy, sound judgment and initiative.

Physical Security / Armed & Unarmed Security Guard Services

We offer a wide array of physical security services including uniformed protection, concierge, loss prevention, fire-watch, patrols and alarm response, strike security, estate and building security.

With BPS security you are well protected against theft of information and assets. Our security officers will add to the overall enhancement of your company brand and reputation. Security is often the first point of contact when entering a building or organization. We recognize the importance of first impressions. Therefore, great effort is placed in selecting and training security officers that will provide excellent customer service and represent your business in a professional manner.

Event Security Services

We also provide professional Executive Protection agents at special events, such as Annual Meetings, Shareholder Meetings, Business Meetings, Tours and Conventions. Effective security programs are implemented to allow clients and attendees a secure environment.

Security Consulting and Planning

Our consultants work with you to address legitimate concerns without wasting resources and money on unnecessary security. We offer our clients customized solutions tailored to their operational requirements. We utilize our vast intelligence resources to obtain the most accurate, up to date information for our clients’ security and investigative needs.

BPS professionals have the knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with critical information that enables them to make informed decisions that may directly affect their business, corporate assets, personnel or family members on a global level.

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